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Dendrobium scabrilingue

Rhynchostylis gigantea

Paphiopedilum exul

Dendrobium crassinode

Dendrobium lituiflorum

Dendrobium aphyllum

Kingidium minus

Dendrobium falconeri

Staurochilus fasciatus

Acampe papillosa

Dendrobium chrysotoxum

Dendrobium aphyllum

Dendrobium unicum

Spathoglottis plicata

Chilochista viridiflora

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Welcome to Lanta Orchid Nursery

Visit us at Lanta Orchid Nursery on Ko Lanta Island, Krabi Thailand

Lanta Orchid Nursery is a combination of an orchid farm and an exhibition, that shows all stages of nursing orchids, from the minuscule seeds to the flowering orchid plant. The exhibition with coloured photographs and explanations in different languages helps the visitors to understand the complicated life cycle of the orchid family.

Lanta Orchid Nursery supports the Orchid Ark, a network of private gardens where indigenous orchids can be grown and propagated by seeds to maintain genetic variation. Read more at www.dokmaigarden.co.th/orchidark.php.

Discover the mystery of the biggest family in the vegetable kingdom and learn why you cannot buy seeds to grow them. Besides some hybrids with their large and long-lasting flowers, Lanta Orchid Nursery concentrates on native orchids of Southern Thailand and their reproduction. We do not sell orchid plants, as you are not allowed to bring them into another country.

Hybrid section at Lanta Orchid Nursery on Ko Lanta Island, Krabi Thailand

Visit this place to see the colourful flowers of various orchid hybrids, that have been cross-breeded for easier cultivation or admire the small flowers of the native Thai orchids that are found on trees in the upper canopy of the rain forest, where the humidity is high all year round.

Lanta Orchid Nursery is located in the mountains above Lanta Long Beach opposite Elephant Trekking on Lanta Island in Krabi Province. It is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00. Entrance fee is 50 Baht per person.

The story about Miss Udorn Sunshine perfume the only perfume made from the fragrance of an orchid flower.

For a collection of photos, from orchids flowering during the last seasons, please click here.


Native orchids of Thailand from the following orchid families can be seen at Lanta Orchid Nursery:
Acampe, Acriopsis, Aerides, Agrostophyllum, Appendicula, Arachnis, Ascocentrum, Bulbophyllum, Calanthe, Ceratostylis, Chilochista, Cleisomeria, Cleisostoma, Coelogyne, Cryptopylos, Cymbidium, Dendrobium, Doritis, Eria, Eulophia, Geodorum, Grammatophyllum, Grosourdya, Habenaria, Holcoglossum, Hygrochilus, Kingidium, Liparis, Luisia, Micropera, Microsaccus, Ornithorchilus, Panisea, Paphiopedilum, Papilionanthe, Pecteilis, Pelatantheria, Pholidota, Polystachys, Pomatocalpa, Porpax, Pteroceras, Rhyncostylis, Robiquetia, Seidenfadenia, Smitinandia, Staurochilus, Thecostele, Thunia, Trias, Trichoglottis, Trichotosia, Vanda, Vandopsis, Vanilla

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